The Chill of Victory

break-away-microgamingIn any hockey game, the puck is always the focal point. Referees, players, and audience members watch this durable disc like so many hawks as it ricochets around the icy rink. After a hard-fought battle, the victors enjoy the spoils of their feat with exuberant jubilation. The puck is essential, and is also the focal point of the Break Away online video slot. The Break Away, in turn, is the centerpiece of the 3k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament.


Much like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and any good fighting game, the plot to gambling tourneys remains largely the same. A wide and varied cast of characters goes a long way in evening out plot uniformity. 1000 applicants, and no more, will be admitted. The date of the contest is 2015/10/10 00:10, GMT + 1:00 (BMT) time zone. The entry fee is 12 EUR.


The Break Away online video slot is at the cutting-edge of technology, much like the sharpened blade of an ice skate. Please note the numerous features of this slot:

  • Realistic sound and graphics accentuate the playing experience! Clever hockey-themed layout!

  • Maximize your cash-flow with two types of Wilds: Stacked and Smashing!

  • Rolling Reels and Scatters are laid throughout the reels to dole out many Free Spins!

  • Do not, ever, forget to watch for the puck!

Play the 3k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament and see if you can break the slot with Break Away!