Beach Babes

Beach Babes features a southern-vacation-style design, layout and feature collection. The game offers unique software capabilities offering endless play-styles. This also includes great vibes, a jam-packed collection of five reels, 25 separate pay-lines and a variety of betting amounts. The games’ customer security and multiple-language accessibility features make the game a winner on all formats!

Thankfully, the slot game is primarily accessed through mobile platforms, thus making it incredibly accessible across mobile platforms. Beach Babes may seem breezy, but it’s not for the faint at heart. Again, the game is available across many languages and its features accommodate for different currencies, scaling the game to different currency rates.

The games lucrative-looking logo has been equipped with a Hawaiian-style flower overcoat, and its surrounding, idyllic format resembles an exotic tropical beach. The game’s symbols appear as bikini girls, lifeguards, ice coolers, beach balls and royal suits. Beach Babes is no stranger to large betting amounts and players may wager up to 62 dollars per round.

The slot game is an incredibly accessible slot game for both new players and veterans alike with each round offering customizable features. These features surface in auto plays, sound variations and detailed pay-out versions. Beach Babes offers several currency options, and the game’s opportunities aren’t limited to the above amounts.

Looking for some wild chances? The game offers an incredible multiplier, where every win generated through the multiplier increases paytable values above the original value’s doubled amount. These icons replace regular icons and only scatter and bonus icons are removed. Beach Babes is definitely a widely-accepted mobile slot game capable of soaring to great heights and its maneuverability within playtime is definitely a virtue.

Where winning is considered, players can dominate the game during a free spin. If a three, a four or a five ice-box-row appears, the player is awarded. Additionally, the award places 20, 25 and 30 free spins, depend upon the situation, to players. These added bonuses may stack up to six times, making Beach Babes one of the highest-stacking
online slot games currently available